Support Services

Budget and Management Control

The Budget and Management Control Service:

  • draws up the budget of the Chancellery on the basis of the strategic and operational objectives and does the financial planning for the Chancellery
  • is responsible for the internal control and management control of the budget
  • is in charge of the Chancellery's accounting and submits the annual accounts
  • coordinates the actions of the Chancellery in relation to sustainable development and integrity


Patricia Vercruysse
02 501 03 61

Personnel and Organisation

The P&O Service:

  • ensures that FPS Chancellery of the Prime Minister is staffed by competent employees: recruitment, evaluations, promotions, salaries, employee motivation, personal development, improvement of working conditions and internal communication
  • develops all the necessary structures for the public service to run smoothly: staffing plan, linguistic framework, and regulations
  • ensures the administrative management of staff files for the Chancellery, the Prime Minister's policy unit, the secretariat of the Management Committee and the basic Consultation Committee


The role of the ICT service is to support the employees of the Chancellery in their daily tasks, to provide them with the necessary tools and to ensure the protection of their data.

In addition, the ICT service provides other federal organisations with secure, innovative and high-quality services. The services delivered are tailored to users' specific needs, particularly in terms of security and confidentiality of electronic data.


Secretariat and Logistics

The Secretariat and Logistics service is responsible for:

  • the management of the buildings and all technical facilities 
    • at 14 and 16 rue de le Loi
    • in the Prime Minister's official residence, 1 rue Lambermont
    • at the Val Duchesse domain
  • the purchasing of goods and services and the management of the:
    • press room and meeting rooms 
    • photocopying service
    • restaurant
    • car fleet
    • reception and courier services
    • cleaning team
    • office supplies


Anja Michalski
02 501 03 65


The Translation Department translates legal, policy, general texts and provides simultaneous interpretation at meetings.

The department provides interpreting services for the following meetings:

  • Council of Ministers
  • Core Cabinet (Kern)
  • Consultation Committee
  • press conferences

This department has the same working hours as the federal government, meaning it is available 24 hours a day, all year round. There is an on-call service for urgent translations or meetings