Belgium, uniquely phenomenal

Major project

The FPS Chancellery of the Prime Minister is running a multi-annual campaign to promote the image of Belgium.

The campaign, entitled Belgium, uniquely phenomenal  is built around 99 good reasons to visit and to invest in Belgium.

These aim to highlight Belgium's numerous assets in a modest and humorous way.

The campaign started with an extensive poster campaign in the country's most important towns and cities, airports and stations. The thousands of people from here or abroad who went past the posters every day saw messages such as “You'll never hear our monks say they brew the world's best beer. They've taken a vow of silence”, or “Chocolate is best when it's kept out of the sun. No surprise that the best is found in Belgium.” The messages were then shared on social media for a viral and international campaign.

Chocolate is best when it’s kept out of the sun. - No surprise that the best is found in Belgium.
Not all artists have covered Jacques Brel songs. - Just Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, Celine Dion, Nirvana...
Not all our fashion designers are world famous. - Only 10 to 15 of them.
We could keep reminding you that we were the ones to invent fries. - But we’d rather just eat them.

Alongside this, a website in four languages shows 99 good reasons to love Belgium and to (re)discover what the country has to offer in terms of art, gastronomy, tourism, sport, culture or simply ‘the good life'. The website and the campaign also highlight the Belgian qualities that can attract foreign investors.

The federal government takes the “Belgium, uniquely phenomenal” campaign along on missions abroad, to India, Canada, etc.

In Belgium, there is also the Federal Truck, a truck that travels around the country bringing federal information campaigns as close to Belgium's citizens as possible. You can play games about Belgium, watch the country through virtual reality glasses, discover a federal authorities campaign in your neighbourhood, at the coast or during an event such as the National Holiday Day.