Directorate-General for External Communication

The Directorate-General for External Communication:

  • shares federal government decisions with the outside world
  • informs the country’s citizens, journalists and organisations through a number of communication channels
  • boosts Belgium’s image both domestically and internationally
  • manages the Résidence Palace International Press Centre (IPC)
  • aims to enhance the professionalism of the federal authorities’ information and communication departments
  • offers products and services

The Directorate-General for External Communication has three departments:


This department is responsible for creating and drafting written and visual content as well as disseminating official information through various digital communication channels.

The department:

  • drafts press releases on the decisions of the Council of Ministers which are published on
  • manages the federal portal
  • answers citizens’ questions  
  • creates visuals
  • develops websites for the Chancellery, the federal government and the related institutions
  • purchases domain names for the federal institutions
  • manages social networks


Editorial department:

Christophe Springael 
02 287 41 92


Cécile Cnockaert
02 287 41 95


This department manages and coordinates the various federal public services’ information campaigns.

The department:

  • provides advice and support to the federal public services with regard to their communication actions: administrative, creative and budgetary follow-up


Caroline Joris
02 287 41 65


This department organises promotional events and actions, is responsible for promoting Belgium’s image and manages the Résidence Palace International Press Centre (IPC).

The department:

  • organises and coordinates press conferences, shows, concerts, receptions, exhibitions, etc.
  • manages the subsidies awarded by the Chancellery
  • manages the partnership with the European institutions for communication actions in Europe
  • the IPC’s offering of infrastructure and services as a centre hosting Belgian and foreign journalists during events


Events and partnerships:

Laurent Berghe

02 287 41 78


Isabelle Hoberg
02 235 21 29