The Chancellery helps European citizens to find their way through the Belgian administrative maze


Are you looking for answers about specific topics, such as daily life, work, and travel in Europe? Your Europe has all of the answers. 

This EU portal groups reliable information from all Member States, and groups a number of assistance services to avoid citizens from getting lost in red tape. Soon, it will also give all European citizens the opportunity to complete a series of administrative procedures online.

The European Commission is responsible for managing the site and receives the support of all Member States that register links on the portals with clear and user-friendly information. For all of Belgium, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister is responsible for coordinating the informative part of the site.

Practical answers to questions about administrative rules are provided by different federal public services, regions, communities, and the local governments. This information is translated into English, published on the website of the competent authorities, and receives the official 'Your Europe' label. This way, citizens are therefore certain that the information is reliable and up to date.

The Chancellery ensures that Belgians planning to relocate inside of Europe are aware of the existence of Your Europe. This way, they will no longer be required to sift through dozens of websites to find all of the pieces of the administrative puzzle. The European portal is promoted in collaboration with the various authorities and stakeholders such as business federations and embassies.